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24 Hour Emergency Disinfecting Services for

Confirmed/Suspected Infected Areas.


Science-based Disinfecting Protocols Targeting Virus

and Other Disease-causing Microorganisms.


Special Focus on High Touch Points Disinfection

and Anti-resuspension of Particle Measures.


IICRC-certifed and Experienced Personnel.


We Use Non-abrasive EPA-registered Virucides Only.


Full Documentation of Disinfection Work Processes.


Flat Rates Available for Recurring Scheduled Customers.


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For Disinfecting Services Call

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Safety First



During our disinfecting service each technician uses one disposable coverall suit, one full-face respirator (NIOSH-approved), one pair of industrial nitrile gloves and one pair of 26-inch long chemical-resistant gloves per area.

Workplace and Commercial Facilities


Our commercial disinfecting services includes a special focus on disinfecting high touch points. We also remove viral airborne particles from your indoor air coupled with anti-resuspension of particle measures.

Residential Properties


If you have concerns about potential risk of viral exposure, our professional bioremediation team can assist you with precautionary disinfecting services to effectively eliminate surface and airborne pathogens from every corner of your home.


Servicing Areas

Our precautionary disinfecting and bioremediation services cover, but is not limited to, 30-mile radius from 

Boston. For more information, contact us at our 24-hr. hotline: 

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